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planchart Tutorial

Introduction and Overview

planchart is a software tool for producing bar charts. See example of chart. Bar charts essentially show bars of varying lengths under a calendar.  Each bar gives a graphical representation of when something starts and when it ends. It's an aid to planning, scheduling and communicating. It has been traditionally used for management of projects especially in the construction industry. However it has many other uses other than businesses. For example, home users can use it to plan a wedding, to schedule the housework between the family members and to organise the garden activities.  Clubs, churches, societies etc. may use it for planning and communicating improvements being made. The uses are limitless.

Bar chart programs have been available for a number of years. planchart makes the whole process much easier, faster and cheaper to use with much improved graphics. 

planchart is essentially intuitive and easy to use. This tutorial will walk you through the processes involved and the facilities available for creating great looking charts.

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