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planchart Tutorial

Lesson 5

The Viewer Menu

In this lesson we learn about the Format menu features of : Line Widths; Bar Heights; and Fonts

Format menu

 Line Widths

The thickness of lines on the chart may be changed. The lines that may be changed are those that are automatically drawn by planchart e.g. outlines and lines framing bars. Note: lines and shapes drawn by you will not be affected. Edit the numbers to reflect the widths you desire. Having clicked 'OK' if what you see is not what you want then re-select Line Widths and change the widths again.

Having changed Line widths from their default of 1, if you like all future charts to have the new Line widths then click the 'Save as Default' button.

Set Bar Height

Bars by default are drawn 150pxs high. You can change all existing bars to a new height and also draw all new bars to the newly set height. Simply change the default 150 to any number you desire to get all bars re-drawn to the new setting.


All text automatically written by planchart, e.g. dates in the calendar, may have their sizes increased or decreased. Any text inserted by you will not be affected.


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