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planchart Tutorial

Lesson 4 The Viewer Menu

In this lesson we learn about: The File Menu; File Open; Print Setup; Page Setup; PrintPublish Report and Saving a Chart

File menu


A previously saved chart from planchart may be opened.

Navigate to the drive and folder and select the required file. The saved report may be viewed at the current printer's page size or in its originally designed size (this will normally only apply to those of you that have multiple printers with different sizes). You may also use this window to make a copy, to rename or to delete a file.

The opened chart may be edited as if it was a new chart. All editing features regarding text, images, shapes and symbols are available.

Print Setup

This was described in Lesson 3 under Select Printer

Page Setup

When viewing the chart, you can vary the margins set on the page. You may want to do this to have a larger gap at the top for space to punch holes for example. In the Viewer select 'Page Setup' from the file menu. The following is displayed:

Set desired margins and press 'OK'

Print: The following window is displayed:


If your designed page size is larger than the physical printer page size planchart will print on multiple pages in the form of a mosaic so that all sheets fit together. You will be shown a schematic of the layout. You can choose to print 'All' pages, 'Current' page or particular pages.

Click here for more information on charts with larger sizes than printer capabilities.

You can also select the number of copies to print.

If your chart contains pictures and the pictures are not printed, uncheck the 'Print pictures as device-independent bitmaps' and print again.

Publish Report

The displayed chart may be copied to Windows Clipboard. Any other program that can paste from the Windows Clipboard can be used to accept the chart. Via this method charts from planchart may be transferred to programs such as word processors and those that deal with pictures and images.


The chart may be saved. A dialog box as described earlier for 'Open' will be displayed for you to save the chart in your desired location. A saved chart may be opened later and edited with any of planchart's features. The chart is saved in planchart's own .plt format.


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