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planchart Tutorial

Lesson 1 Getting started

After installation, planchart will be inserted into the Windows program list. So please click the 'Start button' in the bottom left corner, click 'All Programs' and click 'planchart' from the list. Planchart will start and display the following information window if you are still in evaluation mode.


Click the Ok button. The standard opening (pre-registration) screen will be displayed:

The description of each button follows:

Select Date Format: Please select mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy as your preference of the format of dates displayed by planchart.

- Click on this to start on the design of your chart. Go to Lesson 2 if you wish to skip the other buttons for the moment. Please re-visit the other buttons later.  - Click on this to go to main web site. Of course, you must be connected to the Internet to be successful.

- Click on this to information about planchart's version reference. The version could be useful if you need to report a problem.

 Tutorial - Click on this to bring up this tutorial. You don't need to be connected to the internet to view the tutorial. However the tutorial will be update from time to time on the internet and you may wish to download a new version from there.

Expired Trial Period

If you use planchart after the trial period has expired the following window will be shown:

Click the 'I'll Register Later' button if you do not want to do anything about Registration at this stage.

Buy Now: You will be taken to the BuyNow page at to make your payments. You must do this before making your request for Registration.

Request Register and Register is described below:

- After you are satisfied of the benefits planchart has to offer and you wish to purchase planchart you will need a Registration Key to remove your evaluation status. Click on this to send your information. The following request for registration screen will be displayed: 

Note: It is important that receive your payment before a Registration Key will be issued. The Buy Now button could be used to take you to the payment page of for payment to be made.

The more information you give us the better we will be able to support you. At minimum however you must provide a contact name, a company name (if applicable), the software code (automatically provided by planchart) and your email address. Make sure your email address is correct. This is where your registration key will be sent to. 

Click 'Preview & Send' to open your email client for sending.

- After you receive your Registration Key from, click on this. The following will be displayed:

Registration Key: Enter the Registration Key exactly as sent to you. Note that it is case sensitive. We suggest you copy the key from the email (highlight the code and press ctrl/c) and paste here. Make sure cursor is in the key field and paste (press ctrl/v)

User Name: Enter a Username. The name must be at least 6 characters long. This name will be automatically put on the top of all charts. You can edit it on the chart if you wish.

Click Register to register your right to use planchart.

  - Click on this to terminate planchart.

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