Designing a chart with sizes greater than your printer page size

planchart does not restrict the size of chart you can produce. However you will be limited by what your printer is capable of. To accomodate the printer's limitation planchart can print a chart which is designed larger than the printer's size on multiple pages. You can then 'stitch' pages together to make one large chart.

If your design size is greater than you printer page size, after you click the Design button, you will receive a window as shown below:

You will notice in the above that we have designed our chart to be 480 x 279mms whereas our printer is only capable of printing an area of 381 x 279mms. planchart allows us to view the chart condensed or compressed into the printer capable size or we can view it spread over multiple pages. We can change from one view to the other but any changes made since the last save will be lost (you will be warned of this possiblilty before any actions are taken). Just below the menu line at the top or planchart's screen you will see informattion on dimensions and views:

The bottom right box shows our current view. i.e. shown as design size. If we wish to see how it would look on printer paper size we double-click the PaperScale box. We can then toggle the view. We can go from Designed size to printer size and from printer size to design size. Just remember to save any changes before toggling.

If we view it compressed we may notice some distortion with the fonts because there may not be an exact match between screen and printer when proportioned. This is not a big issue because planchart's Format menu allows you to increase or decrease font sizes and therefore you can manually adjust it.

If we view it as designed, planchart will show us the delineation of pages with dash dot lines on page boundaries as shown on the right hand side in the example below. We will need to scroll to the right or bottom to see areas that do not fit on printer size.

Printing a chart designed with sizes larger than the printer is capable of.

If the size of the chart is greater than the size of paper the printer is capable of and the current view is designed size when you select to Print you will receive information on how the chart will be printed. e.g.

In the above example, planchart tells us that the chart will take 4 pages (shown with the dark box) and the areas of each page used for the chart. We can switch on or off the printing of a page by clicking in the appropriate area.  There may be white areas on edges so pages may have to cut to fit snugly. These edges are a function of your printer and not planchart. i.e. the printer is not capable of printing to the very edge of paper.