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Bar Charts have been traditionally used for management of projects especially in the construction industry. However it has many uses in other businesses and in the home. 

For example, home users can use it to plan a wedding, to schedule the housework between the family members ,to organise the garden activities and to plan the holdays.   Clubs, churches, societies etc. may use it for planning and communicating improvements being made. The uses are far reaching and limitless.

Bar chart programs have been available for a number of years. planchart makes the whole process much easier, faster and cheaper to use with much improved graphical features.

These charts are sometimes referred to as Calendar charts, bar charts, Gantt charts and in some cases as histograms.


planchart offers you a very simple interface to produce what can in reality be a very powerful and complex chart.  

screen1You select the size of canvas you wish. planchart, in default, automatically provides your current printer's dimensions. You can override this if you wish. You can make your canvas larger or smaller.

 You can specify the  start and finish date of the chart you are to make. planchart will  automatically take care of creating the calendar in the space available. You can specify a size for a white space column on the left. You can use this space to add text, for example, to add descriptions of tasks.

Depending on the time span between your start and end dates you can opt to see your chart in days, weeks, months or years. Furthermore you can elect to have vertical markers drawn to a different time scale. For example you may wish the calendar at the top to show months but the detail in the chart to be divided weekly.

 Your Canvas 

screen2 As soon as you click the Design button you will be provided with the canvas complying with your overall design criteria. A standard template is used so that all your charts have a common format and feel. You can then add your own individual details to the canvas to customise it to your project. The facilities available are described below.

use your canvas to exploit planchart's facilities to your advantage

Add text anywhere. The text may be with your choice of font, size and color. The text may also be vertical.

ex5Move and edit any text.

Add bars anywhere. The bars can be any size (length and height), any color and of any internal design. Thus you can have bars of a particular design and color to denote a particular type of activity or task. e.g. all red bars with circles inside are engineering tasks.

Draw lines of any length anywhere. The lines may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can also choose its color and its width.

Draw shapes such as open boxes, closed boxes, circles etc. Again here you have control over placement, size and color.

Place images (jpeg and gif files for example) anywhere on your canvas and re-size it to fit the context. 

Click here to see some Examples

planchart is available for Windows (2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7)

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