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Bar Charts have been traditionally used for management of projects especially in the construction industry. However it has many uses in other businesses and in the home. 

For example, home users can use it to plan a wedding, to schedule the housework between the family members ,to organise the garden activities and to plan the holdays.   Clubs, churches, societies etc. may use it for planning and communicating improvements being made. The uses are far reaching and limitless.

Bar chart programs have been available for a number of years. planchart makes the whole process much easier, faster and cheaper to use with much improved graphical features.

These charts are sometimes referred to as Calendar charts, bar charts, Gantt charts and in some cases as histograms.

To try planchart yourself, download the free trial.
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, , Windows 7,, Windows 8, Windows 10

  • 7MB of hard disk space

    This trial version is fully functional. If you don't upgrade to a registered version within 15 days , planchart will cease to be operational. Please note that a watermark of "EVALUATION OF PLANCHART"  (which cannot be edited) will appear on all charts before registration.

  • PLEASE NOTE: planchart is not currently available for 64 bit platforms

  • If you don't have planchart installed:  Version: 3.2.1 (Last build 22November2015) - includes tutorial 


NOTE: When you come to install trychart64.exe  you may see "Publisher could not be verified" and "Unknown Publisher". As long as you have downloaded trychart64.exe  from here (i.e. from planchart.co.uk) it is authentic.

  • Installation Instructions

  • The download file is named trychart64.exe for a full installation

  • The below relates to IE Explorer:

    • Choose Run or Save - If you choose Run, Windows will automatically download the file into a temporary area on your computer and immediately run it for installation to take place. Windows will automatically delete the file at a later time.

    • If you choose Save you will need to choose the location on your computer that the file is to be stored in. After Saving is complete, open Windows explorer and navigate to the folder you saved trychart.exe/updatechart.exe into, locate trychart.exe and double click it. You can delete trychart.exe at any time after installation.

    • Installation will start. Follow the installer's directions to install planchart

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