Bar Charts have been traditionally used for management of projects especially in the construction industry. However it has many uses in other businesses and in the home. 

For example, home users can use it to plan a wedding, to schedule the housework between the family members ,to organise the garden activities and to plan the holdays.   Clubs, churches, societies etc. may use it for planning and communicating improvements being made. The uses are far reaching and limitless.

some planchart examples

Bar chart programs have been available for a number of years. planchart makes the whole process much easier, faster and cheaper to use with much improved graphical features. Multiple bars on one line and symbols on bars are significant facilities of planchart's bar charts.

These charts are sometimes referred to as Calendar charts, bar charts, Gantt charts and in some cases as histograms.

planchart is a software tool for producing bar charts fast and easily. From something as simple as remembering birthdays to planning a major project, the bar chart's impact can be immediate and powerful. Home users will soon get organised and business users will very quickly be planning for profit.

You want bar charts've got it

Simply tell planchart the dates you want your bar chart to start from, to end on and whether you want the periods to be in days, weeks, months or years and press the 'Design' button. planchart does the rest and gives you a canvas for you to express yourself onto.

You want bar charts that communicate've got it

Add any text wherever you want
Select your desired font, size and color
Draw bars of your design (size, color and pattern) wherever you want

You want bar charts that impress've got it

Add images (jpeg,gif etc) wherever you want
 and to the size you want
Add symbols, lines and shapes wherever you want.


planchart is designed to be used by you even if you are not an expert on designing graphical calendar bar charts. If you are an experienced user of project management and bar chart software you will appreciate and be able to easily exploit the power of planchart.

planchart is available for just $14.99

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